The definitions are not showing for all key words. Is this an error?

Definitions appear for key words only in the XSEED One version of SuperTeacher, currently available for Grades Nursery-G6. Grades 7-8 of XSEED One will be released in the next academic year. Other variants of SuperTeacher have keywords only, without definitions. Check with your school adminstrator to find out which variant of SuperTeacher you have.

The visuals in the videos don’t always match the ones in the Content Book, especially in texts in English and Early Childhood grades. Won’t children get confused?

The video versions of English and Early Childhood texts are often done using animated characters, different style of artwork, or other visuals to assist in comprehension and make them more engaging. You may explain this to students and ask questions about the differences in visuals they have noticed, but the most important thing is that you focus on the comprehension of the text (which the children should both read and listen to).

Page numbers for Content Book pages and student worksheet are not present in the PDFs on XSEED SuperTeacher. How can I easily direct students to open to the right page?

Worksheets have a number at the top left that indicates the Block and lesson number, for instance Worksheet 10.3 is for Block 10, lesson 3. The Content Book is also clearly divided into Blocks, with 1-2 pages for each lesson. For example, you may instruct students to turn to or read "Block 10, Lesson 3".

When I click on the Practice Questions button, I see Content Book pages. Where can I find the Practice Questions and their answers?

The Practice Questions can be found after the Content Book pages. Simply flip to the final page(s) of the Content Book file to see them. The answer guide is still accessible by clicking on the Show Answer button.

Can I use the mobile version and Web version simultaneously?

Yes! In fact, for a given lesson it can be useful to have the Teacher’s View open on your mobile device and Students’ View open on your computer simultaneously. This way you can see the Teacher Tips and scroll through the lesson quickly while students see just a single instruction, question, video, or explanation!

I would like to increase the font size of the slides in Students’ View on the Web version so that it’s easier for students to read. How can I do this?

You can adjust the zoom of your browser to find the optimal size for your system/settings. In Google Chrome, this can be found by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right of the browser window.

Can I use the Web version directly with Google Meet, Zoom, MSTeams, and other videoconferencing platforms to share my screen during an online class? What software is required?

The Web version of XSEED SuperTeacher can be shared directly over all major videoconferencing platforms. A web browser such as Chrome or Safari is the only software needed.

Will the notes I’ve entered into lessons via My Notes in the mobile version appear in the Web version as well?

Yes, all notes entered in any version after logging in will be synced to the app and appear on any device used to open it.

How do I disable the access of my teacher who no longer work with our school?

Please write to us at from your official email address, with the mobile and license code of the teacher you want us to disable. We can help you disable it.