Can I create the time table sectionwise ?

Yes, this is possible. Timetables can be created for each grade and section. Template is common for a grade (Template includes no of periods, timings of the periods, and no of breaks). Subjects to be taught in each period can be customized per section.

How do I create a timetable or make changes in the timetable? (Admin)

1. Click on "Timetable" and select "Add a Class". 2. Select "Grade" and "Section". 3. Drag and drop the subject in the required time slots. 4. To make changes, click on the "Slots to Edit" or make the changes in the timetable.

How do I create a Timetable schedule or template? (Admin)

1. Click on "Timetable" and select "Change TT schedule" from the left menu. 2. Click on "Edit template" and select "Grade" you wish to edit. 3. You can select "Number of periods for all days" and change the time periods start and end. 4. Click save to save the changes. Note: You can clone the Timetable schedule for other grades via the "clone for other grade" option on the top right.