Often there are things that students do in the class, but there is no reference to it in the Content Book. Can I post the lesson plan questions and organizers on Universal?

Yes, this can be done as part of a Homework announcement on Universal. A teacher can give questions or screenshots of images from SuperTeacher in Universal announcements for students to view at home.

How do I send students homework?

1. Click on "Create Announcement". 2. Select recipients, and chage the "Announcement Type" to "Homework". 3. Write the subject line and the message to describe the homework, and add an attachment if any. 4. Select the due date and time. 5. Hit "Send" to deliver to students instantly.

How do I create announcements?

1. Click on "Create Announcement". 2. Select "Recipient" and "Announcement Type". 3. Write the subject and the message, and hit "Send".