Where can we get the information about which of our students are yet to take the test?

You can download the full list of registered students of every grade of your school from the School Settings section in the Management Zone in XSEED Universal. This list also identifies, as of date, the students who are yet to take the test, as well as those who have successfully taken the test.

Why were some students unable to take the test even though the required date/time was selected on Universal School Settings?

This can happen if the timezone on the computer on which the user made the changes on Universal School Settings is incorrect. The correct time zone is UTC +5.30 hrs. Click here for more information on how to check and modify a computer's date and time settings.

How do I add sections for a grade? There are options for 3 sections only.

Sections can be added or removed by using the Manage Sections option in the settings of the Universal SIS. Please see this video and guide for more details on this.

How do I set up the Exam Plan for Report Cards?

The Exam Plan is the structure showing how the marks or grades scored by a student throughout the year, for various types of assessments, roll up to the final report card of the full year's performance of the student. The module to create such an exam plan is available within the All Products>Records>Exam Plan section of the Universal SIS. Default exam plans are already built into the system to edit as needed. Please see this…

How do I customize the report card for non XSEED Subjects?

Any subject, whether XSEED or non-XSEED, can be added in SIS to add to the school's report card. This is done using the "Manage Subjects" module in the settings section of SIS. Please see this guide and video for more details on this.

How can parents send communications to teachers?

Parents can interact with teachers using the comments section in the announcements. They can also respond to specific remarks for their ward in the Remarks section in the Student Information Zone.

How can a standard Admin allocate classes to teachers or have all access as Super Admin?

The school admin can do this using the "Manage Users" option in the Settings of the SIS of Universal. Please see this guide and video for more details on this.

Often there are things that students do in the class, but there is no reference to it in the Content Book. Can I post the lesson plan questions and organizers on Universal?

Yes, this can be done as part of a Homework announcement on Universal. A teacher can give questions or screenshots of images from SuperTeacher in Universal announcements for students to view at home.

How to create our own templates for Report Cards?

Custom templates for report cards can be created in the Universal SIS settings, in the Manage Reports module, by clicking on the "Create Report" button and following the next steps. Please see the guide and video for more details on this.

Can we take the printouts of the report cards to issue it to the students?

Yes, Report Cards may be downloaded as PDFs and printed at the discretion of the school.