What is XSEED Day and what help do we provide to school to plan such events? Whom shall I contact for the suggested activities?

XSEED Day is a day where parents are invited to the school to see student work and experience XSEED Method classes. Project Work is a great source of student-generated content for exhibiting during XSEED Day - and "Magic" lessons are the recommended lessons to be conducted for parents to see. You may suggest to the school, specific lessons. which you also use for demos. Contact Anju, Mahesh, or Nick for more ideas on XSEED Day.

Can the calendar for the Follow Up Trainings be shared before the onset of the academic year?

Yes. The racetrack includes dates for all FUTs.

Can the Follow Up Trainings of Academy begin in May or June?

FUTs are scheduled as per the racetrack schedule. The first FUT is D + 75 (July 15th for April 1 start schools)

How do we capture vendor details in the agreement at the time of SNC?

We are in process of facilitating the Vendor Payment Method in Vtiger. This should be available soon

How does the racetrack look like for FY23?

Details can be found here

What is the turnaround time for XCC to concerns raised by schools/client?

The standard SLA is 24 hours for all issues. Those requiring escalation for delivery and tech support should be resolved within 72 hours.

How do we know an academic feedback given by a school is addressed and how?

First, ensure that it has been properly documented via the form at help.xseededucation.com OR an email to contact@xseededucation.com. (If that hasn't happened, there is no reliable way to track resolution) All issues which have been resolved will be documented via email, including the response to the customer.

Who is the internal go-to person for different kinds of issues raised by the school? Can we have a document with all contact details?

XCC is the central point of contact for all issues. Contact@xseedeucation.com is the way to reach them -- and if necessary they will escalate to relevant team(s).

What can I do to to ensure that the Additional orders are delivered on time. What is the step by step process to know the stages of orders?

Additional order goes through the following stages: 1. Order Creation 2. QVC 3. Commercial approval for dispatch 4. Dispatch by warehouse 5. Delivery to customer   To help additional orders quick order processing, please do the following: a. Kindly request the school to send an email with the requirement to XSEED Customer Care on contact@xseededucation.com b. Ensure the school has paid as per the agreed payment terms   The status of additional order & courier…

As per policy, Home Delivery commission initiation process starts after 30 days of sale. Does the school get to track the order-placed status during these 30 days?

The school management can check live status of orders placed, through the Universal App, in the Management dashboard, in the Delivery Status section. They may also write to XSEED Customer Care at contact@xseededucation.com