Can I add video clips in the Student Information Zone?

Yes, videos can be uploaded for each student in the Activity section.

Can I create the time table sectionwise ?

Yes, this is possible. Timetables can be created for each grade and section. Template is common for a grade (Template includes no of periods, timings of the periods, and no of breaks). Subjects to be taught in each period can be customized per section.

Will the School receive a Model Question Paper and a Report before the Learnometer Test?

Learnometer practice questions are given at the end of each Block on SuperTeacher for teachers and are provided regularly on Universal for parents. These are highly recommended as practice for the Learnometer exam. Schools may opt to use these questions all together as a practice test or share them individually with students. Sample reports are not available.

When the teachers fail to download the Certificate after the training, how can they download it later through XSEED Academy?

If the post test has been completed, the certificate will be available for download anytime by going to the training in the XSEED Academy tab and selecting the "Certificate" section.

Are we sending proficiency certificates to teachers based on their performance in post test for the follow up implementation test?

Teachers receive a Certificate of Participation for completing the post test for any Follow Up Training. Those who score well receive Honourary Distinction on their certificate.

What is the difference between a super admin and standard admin on universal?

A super admin can change access levels for other admins.

What kind of report is received by the parent in 72 hours of taking Learnometer test?

The Learnometer Report is a 3-page report that features subject scores, an interpretation, and progress over time. You may see sample reports on Universal Demo School.

What version of Word helps the teachers to download the question papers?

Any version of MSWord will allow teachers to download the .doc versions of question papers. However, it is recommended to use MSWord 2016 and above.

When will EP Lesson plans be available for download/offline access?

This feature is planned to be added by Jan 2023.