How do we capture vendor details in the agreement at the time of SNC?

We are in process of facilitating the Vendor Payment Method in Vtiger. This should be available soon

Can invoices be raised separately for bookpacks and for Universal?

We are in the process of finding a solution to this, and will update here as soon as it is finalized.

Are we sending invoices to schools along with the materials? Schools complain that they don’t receive invoices but only delivery challan.


Whom shall we reach out for misprints of books and incorrect orders?

Please send an email to Prateek, with a copy to Prashant T

What are the key documents to be gathered for the retention of stock (Unsold Stock ) in the school?

i)The stock needs to be physically verified if the value of unsold is > 10% of the invoice or INR 1 lac ( whichever is higher) ii) The retention agreement needs to be procured in the usual format with all details filled and must carry the stamp and signature of the school's authorised signatory iii) The agreement must carry an annexure detailsing the count of sets grade wise along with the corresponding amount and should…

At the time of book delivery, does our invoice list bookpack cost only, or also includes Learnometer and Universal costs? Also, does it include GST for every line-item?

All our invoices do capture the amount apportioned for Learnometer and Universal. For the sake of convenience of the customer, we are in the process of adding a separate column to capture the GST value for every line item.