Some instructions with higher level vocabulary (e.g., “Summarize responses.”) appear in the Students’ View. Is it ok for students to view these? What should I do if students cannot understand them?

There is no harm in students seeing these instructions, and it helps them know what to expect from the teacher. We recommend teachers say things like, "OK, now let's summarize your responses!" before actually summarizing, to help students learn this important academic vocabulary.

Should I make separate slides to direct student attention to just one question/instruction instead of using SuperTeacher app, where multiple questions or instructions may appear on the same slide?

Making separate slides is not recommended. When teachers want to direct students attention to a certain question or content, we recommend using annotate feature of the video conferencing platform. This leads to higher student engagement and also saves time and effort for the teacher.

Should I keep the screen shared all the time during the class?

We recommend turning OFF screen sharing during the student discussions so you can see students' faces as they are responding, and students can see each other. Don't forget to turn screen sharing on again for explanations!

What can I do if students in my online class don’t have their workbooks?

Instruct students to write the questions and answers in their notebooks or on a separate sheet of paper.

How can I conduct pair or group work activities in an online class where students are all at home?

We recommend using breakout rooms, which are available in most major videoconferencing platforms. For some activities that require students to work together on the same physical resources, you could ensure at least one student per group has the resources. You can also choose to do a demo or show a video instead.

How can I go back to teacher’s view mode when I’ve finished teaching my lesson?

Tap on your mobile screen in the sutdent's view and click on the "Cancel" option to go back to the teacher's view. We recommend that you stop screen-sharing/casting BEFORE moving back to the teacher's view.