What can I do to to ensure that the Additional orders are delivered on time. What is the step by step process to know the stages of orders?

Additional order goes through the following stages: 1. Order Creation 2. QVC 3. Commercial approval for dispatch 4. Dispatch by warehouse 5. Delivery to customer   To help additional orders quick order processing, please do the following: a. Kindly request the school to send an email with the requirement to XSEED Customer Care on contact@xseededucation.com b. Ensure the school has paid as per the agreed payment terms   The status of additional order & courier…

As per policy, Home Delivery commission initiation process starts after 30 days of sale. Does the school get to track the order-placed status during these 30 days?

The school management can check live status of orders placed, through the Universal App, in the Management dashboard, in the Delivery Status section. They may also write to XSEED Customer Care at contact@xseededucation.com