Will the School receive a Model Question Paper and a Report before the Learnometer Test?

Learnometer practice questions are given at the end of each Block on SuperTeacher for teachers and are provided regularly on Universal for parents. These are highly recommended as practice for the Learnometer exam. Schools may opt to use these questions all together as a practice test or share them individually with students. Sample reports are not available.

What kind of report is received by the parent in 72 hours of taking Learnometer test?

The Learnometer Report is a 3-page report that features subject scores, an interpretation, and progress over time. You may see sample reports on Universal Demo School.

Few schools have declined to take up Learnometer this year (they had taken it earlier), but have accepted Universal. How to go about this?

The New XSEED Solution has 6 components to it that facilitates learning by integrating all the necessary aspect of learning and all the stakeholders. Hence, it is critical to have all the 6 components implemented well, for the effective learning-teaching process.

What does the timeline of the test and the report reflecting on Universal look like?

The test opens on November 1, and closes on November 28th. The Learnometer School Report on Universal shows the live status of all students who have taken the test and is constantly updated. Individual Learnometer Student Reports appear 72 hours after the test has been completed for a given student.

Is there some form of recognition for students who achieve high scores within the school / grade?

Learnometer is diagnostic in nature and not to encourage competition. Hence, there's no formal recognition of students performing well.

Will Learnometer reports only go to parents, or will the school management also have access to it through the Universal?

Yes, all individual student reports as well as a school level report with aggregated Learnometer data by school, grade, and section will be included in the Management Zone on Universal.

Can the school conduct Learnometer more than once during the year cycle?

The Learnometer test is a once-yearly exam. Scores from previous years along with student progress over time analysis will also be available in each year's report.

How many questions does the test comprise of, and does this vary as per grades? What is the duration? Does this vary grade wise?

Below is the structure of Questions and Duration Grade wise: Grade 1 to 4: 32 Questions, in a duration of 1 hour 30 minutes Grade 5 to 8: 38 Questions, in a duration of 2 hours

Some schools feel Learnometer would be apt from Grade 6 onwards. In that case what needs to be done?

Age 5+ onwards is a good time to introduce students to formal testing. This also trains students in attempting more rigorous testing later.

Does Learnometer have recognition from any council or body?

No Organization or Body validates/recognizes any assessment/Olympiads in India.