How can I get the timetable fixed?

Only the Admin of your school can create a time table. Please connect with the admin for time table creation.

How can we mark attendance in Universal?

The facility is not yet active on Universal.

How can I edit a time table template?

You can drag the subjects to the template or click on the template to see a box pop up and you can then select the subect /teacher. Go to the link:

How can I add or change the roles or give admin access to others ?

1. Click on the Bee icon on Universal (right top Green icon). 2. Go to "Settings" – Click "Manage user " and click on the user name. 3. Click on Manage Allotments.(Right-hand icon). 4. Click Add Allotments (top right ) 5. Select the Role as Coordinator  6. Click Create allotments below Save the request.

How do I enter marks for students that will appear on the report cards and under academic performance in their profile?

Please refer to this Guide and Help video:

How do I send report cards to students?

School admin will be able to share the report with the students

How do I share the homework with students?

1. Click on "Create Announcement". 2. Select recipients, and change the "Announcement Type" to "Homework". 3. Write the subject line and the message to describe the homework, and add an attachment if any. 4. Select the due date and time. 5. Hit "Send" to deliver to students instantly.

How do I share my remarks with students/parents?

1. Click on "Student Information" in the menu options. 2. Select the grade and section to see the student list. 3. Use the 3 buttons on the right of each student record to add remarks, photos, or certificates. You can add as many remarks, photos, and/or certificates as you want.

How do I create announcements?

1. Click on "Create Announcement". 2. Select "Recipient" and "Announcement Type". 3. Write the subject and the message, and hit "Send".