Where can we get the information about which of our students are yet to take the test?

You can download the full list of registered students of every grade of your school from the School Settings section in the Management Zone in XSEED Universal. This list also identifies, as of date, the students who are yet to take the test, as well as those who have successfully taken the test.

Why were some students unable to take the test even though the required date/time was selected on Universal School Settings?

This can happen if the timezone on the computer on which the user made the changes on Universal School Settings is incorrect. The correct time zone is UTC +5.30 hrs. Click here for more information on how to check and modify a computer's date and time settings.

Should we always start the test from G1 onwards?

It would be better to have the higher grades take the test first. Higher grade students are likely to be more familiar with technology/computers. That would give you some time to understand the test process, when G1 and G2 take the test and you will be able to guide them better.

What would be a good time to start the Learnometer test?

It will be better if you can start the test from the morning so that more batches of students can give the test on the same day. Also if there is a power cut, students can continue the test on the same day when the power resumes.

If we have scheduled the Learnometer test on 1st November from 9 a.m., till which date can students take the test?

Students in India can take the test till the end date, i.e., 28 November.

When will the Learnometer tests be open for all XSEED schools?

The Learnometer test will be open for all XSEED schools from 1 - 28 November in India and from February in the Phillipines.

How can I schedule the Learnometer test for my school?

You can set-up the Learnometer test schedule on the school admin of Universal at universal.xseededucation.com or on the Learnometer admin login at learnometer.xseededucation.com. Please watch this video to guide you