Where can we get the information about which of our students are yet to take the test?

You can download the full list of registered students of every grade of your school from the School Settings section in the Management Zone in XSEED Universal. This list also identifies, as of date, the students who are yet to take the test, as well as those who have successfully taken the test.

Does the 90-120 min duration include the time needed for the instructions and practice test?

No. The test timer starts only after the Practice Test is completed. An additional 2-5 minutes should be set aside for instructions and the Practice Test.

Is the Learnometer test the same for each student or does it differ?

While options within each question and question order may be randomized, the same questions are used for all students to ensure fairness.

Is the Practice Test a full-length test for students to take before the Learnometer test date?

No. The Practice Test is a short tutorial designed to be taken immediately before the Learnometer Test, which guides students how to answer the actual Learnometer Test questions. The Practice Test is part of the instructions for the official test and cannot be done independently of it.

Our school is unable to complete the test for all batches, by the end date scheduled in Universal. How do we handle that?

Please call XSEED Customer Care immediately at 1800 102 7200 to help you with this.

Why are no visuals are not appearing in the questions?

Please check your Internet Connection. If it is slow, it may take some time to download the visuals.

While taking the test, there was a power cut and I lost my connection and could not complete the test. Do I have to take the test from the beginning?

You do not have to take the test from the beginning! Just login to learnometer.xseededucation.com again and you will be allowed to complete the test from where you stopped.

What should I do if the Learnometer access key says ‘Invalid’ on the day of the test?

Try using the same access key again and ensure that there is no space before or after. Also check upper case/lower case when entering the access key. If it still does not work, use a new and unused Learnometer access key from the list of additional access keys that was sent to your school.

Can students, who are absent on the day of the Learnometer test for their grade, take the test later?

Yes, all absent students can take the test on the day they are present so long it is within the end date of the test (i.e., 28th November in India). They will only have to enter their XSEED ID and Learnometer access key to take the test.

Is it compulsory for students to take the practice test in Learnometer?

Yes, it is compulsory to take the practice test, which is just a set of very simple questions, to help students get familiar with the test before taking the actual test.