How do I create a test using the Testmaker?

Please refer the video and follow the steps.:

I need to edit the generated question paper as I see fit. / I need to generate the question paper as an editable word document

You can download the test paper in PDF and word format only, school can edit word format however while editing kindly ensure the mark correction and other formatting

Some students missed taking a test. Can I create a new test for them on the same syllabus which will have different questions?

If you want to retest any of your students on the same Blocks, you can make a completely new question paper without repeating any questions.* If you do not want the questions in a particular test to be reused in a new test, then just remember to mark that particular test as “Used for assessment”. All such “used” test papers will be visible to the other teachers in your school who teach the same subject/grades,…

Can I create tests for Early Program

Sorry, Testmaker is available from Grade 1 to Grade 8 only. It is not available for Early program